I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience traveling with Wild Terrains. For someone who works a ton but works for herself, has a partner that isn’t keen on flying and has friends with kids and families, this was the PERFECT way for me to travel. This trip prevented me from having to travel solo without having to do any of the planning which, for me, is crazy important with my crazy work schedule. The women on the trip had so many wonderful attributes to contribute to the group: we had marketing geniuses, PR gurus, wine connoisseurs, photographers, technology wizards, and news reporters. Aside from learning a ton about the Mexico City culture, I learned so much from this amazing group of women and made some seriously great friends! And the activities we participated in were unlike any group trip I’ve ever been on- we were able to see the incredible city from the inside, rather than doing all of the corny, touristy stuff. Lauren Bates, the owner, has made so many personal contacts in Mexico City that we never felt like tourists- we walked into the markets and the restaurants hugging and loving on all the locals, as if we were family. It was truly an incredible experience that you can’t find anywhere else. I couldn’t recommend this trip more!
— Lauren M.
Wild Terrains did an incredible job curating one of the best trips I’ve ever had. This trip ticks off all the boxes for me, I loved the variety of activities. We managed to do a lot but we never felt rushed, we moved at the pace of the city and had plenty of time to relax and do our own thing. We got to explore the city with passionate & kind locals. We stayed at the gorgeous Ignacia Guest House, our own little oasis in the perfect location. Gina, Magda, and the rest of the team made us feel like this was our home away from home. On our first night, we were welcomed with a private dinner prepared for us by one of the top female chefs in Mexico City, Norma from Masala y Maiz. The next day we tried an abundance of street market food with our host Rocio, owner of Eat Like a Local. We visited the inspiring museum of Frida Kahlo, a must-see for any art lover, that was only made better by our knowledgeable guide, Natalia. Following our tour, we stopped by Colorindio Studios. We shopped and learned all about their business and the amazing women, weavers and artisans of Mexico that they work with to create the most stunning textiles.

People make the experience, and each person involved on this trip made it so special. Wild Terrains definitely did their research and were selective about the businesses they choose to partner with- all led by inspiring, intelligent and dynamic women. They were just as excited as we were to share this experience together. I felt so welcomed by everyone. Every encounter was customized just for us. It was like meeting a friend of a friend. You can learn a lot about yourself when traveling. If you’re really lucky you also get the opportunity to learn about other people. Wild Terrains gave us that experience. This travel experience brought together a diverse group of creative women from all over. I highly recommend you grab your sister, best friend, or mom and sign up for the next travel experience. You’ll leave happy, full, and inspired. You won’t regret it!
— Theresa T.
I had the best time on my Wild Terrains trip! I was a little nervous at first, since I would be traveling with girls I didn’t know super well, but it was great. We all had common interests, which is why we ended up on the trip together in the first place. I had some notions of what I thought Mexico City would be like, but I was so wrong. Wild Terrains showed me the real soul of the city by connecting me with some of the strong women who make up its core. We ate like queens, we took in the beautiful sights, and we got to learn about some of Mexico City’s rich history and culture. Wild Terrains allowed us to have experiences I’m not sure we could have otherwise- like having a private rooftop dinner cooked by a pair of Mexico City’s hottest chefs, and visiting (and shopping) the personal studio of one of CDMX’s best textile companies. Lauren made sure we had all the information we needed both before and during the trip, so I felt prepared, taken care of, and safe the whole time. And the hotel! Ignacia Guest House is truly a gem. It is so beautiful, and the staff is incredible- so helpful and knowledgeable. I already miss waking up to coffee and conchitas in the courtyard at Ignacia. If I could take this trip again and again, I would do it.
— Katie W.
My trip to Mexico City with Wild Terrains was unbelievable in every way! As a person who loves traveling, but hates the time and energy it takes to organize and create itinerary (especially in a city I’ve never been), I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. With Wild Terrains we stayed in the most beautiful boutique hotel, dined at the best restaurants, and had wonderfully authentic Mexican experiences each and every day. I would have never been able to plan all of that on my own! The best part of the trip wasn’t even the places we went, but it was the people I met. Rarely do travel companies focus solely on women and women owned businesses, but Wild Terrains truly put together such a wonderful group of women who (although I only spent 4 days with), I believe will be friends for life. They made each of us feel unique and special in our own way because they pay attention to every small detail from the moment you book your flight to the moment you land back at home. If you want to go on a trip full of bad-ass, creative, fun, and genuinely nice ladies while also having an authentic and well organized trip of a lifetime, Wild Terrains is for you!
— Rachel E.
My experience with Wild Terrains exceeded my expectations from the very beginning & in a myriad of ways. First off, I would’ve never even thought to visit Mexico City if it wasn’t for this opportunity and now, I truly cannot wait to return!! Also, it’s not always easy to travel internationally, but I felt Wild Terrains made logistics seamless and planning stressless. From curated travel tips & a thoughtful packing list to a unique 5-day itinerary filled with adventures I would have never otherwise explored, no detail was missed & everything was met with incredible taste. I also felt like the group travel company cared about *me* and my individual concerns, expectations and overall experience. Having that personalized service while on a trip with others meant a lot to me and my trust in the brand. Now, I’m recommending Wild Terrains to all my friends & (after sharing every detail with my mom about my trip) my mom is telling all her friends about the Wild Terrains’ experiences.
— Meaghan M.
The Mexico City trip was fantastic, and Wild Terrains showed us a different side of CDMX than that which we’d be able to access on our own. The best part of the trip was being able to spend hours with (and ask questions of) several kind and creative individuals who live and work in Mexico City — whether a tour guide leading us on a food crawl, or a chef creating a private multi-course dinner for our group, or a florist teaching us the ins and outs of flower arranging. Instead of being bussed from one crowded tourist site to another, we instead were able to enjoy a series of special activities, many in private settings, which gave us a calm and inspiring glimpse of the sprawling metropolis. I would have found it daunting to arrange a trip to Mexico City on my own; I wouldn’t have known where to begin. But Wild Terrains did a beautiful job of making us feel relaxed and excited for each successive adventure throughout the entire trip.
— Lakshmi M.
I discovered Lauren and Wild Terrains through The Wing on an evening in January. Less than 60 minutes later I booked myself on the March International Women’s Day trip. I’m so so glad I did. This trip was my exact hope of companion traveling, being with like-minded women, learning new trades and thoughts and perspectives, while also doing the things I love to do when traveling solo: eating, walking, design, more eating and all along CONNECTING. I travel primarily solo or with one or two friends at a time, as I hate to be in the hustle of crowds and lost in a sea of fellow tourists. I like to connect WITH a place. Group travel never appealed to me until reading about WT.

Lauren has built a relationship with each partner in CDMX and these are some badass women. I feel so special having been introduced to this collective of women just running their sh*t and running it well. This is a true community trip, not a tour. It’s a chance to integrate into the CDMX scene in a way not welcome to any traveler. Lauren builds in unique custom experiences to the trip, but also makes sure that visitors leave with that literal taste of Mexico they likely came down for.

It’s rare to find a beautifully curated trip, from the itinerary to the plants and colors and lux of the scenes itself, while also maintaining a group. Seriously ladies, just sign up and go.
— Ashley S.
I just returned from the most recent (March 2019) tour and had such a great time! On this tour, we had access to experiences and activities not normally available to the public, which was amazing. We also stayed at a beautiful boutique hotel that had fantastic service, ate incredibly innovative and excellent meals at a number of hip restaurants, etc. In essence, this is the perfect trip for anyone wanting to get off the beaten path and see a side of Mexico City that’s not on the normal tourist route.
— Kristin S.
My first Wild Terrains trip was an amazing experience (and won’t be my last!). Lauren does an incredible job curating a unique and special trip that you can’t get anywhere else. Typically when I travel I see many touristy sights but don’t feel like I learned enough about the culture. On Wild Terrains trips you are immersed in the local scene and feel like a friend of the people you encounter. There are so many hidden gems that you come across and meeting the locals and learning their stories is unforgettable. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a true cultural experience, who wants to connect with like-minded women and who wants to eat delicious food along the way!
— Allison T.
I must say, this trip exceeded all my expectations. I personally adore planning my own travel and adventures so I was unsure how i would feel coming on a planned group trip. That being said, from the moment I landed in Mexico City to the moment i left, i was filled with happiness. Lauren has truly curated an experience unlike many others out there. She doesn’t only work with the women you meet on the trip, she has built a lasting friendship with them and this creates an authentic experience for her guests. Every detail of the trip is something you likely could not do on your own if you visited, which would make this trip special for 1st time visitors but also if it is your 5th time in Mexico City. The group of women on my trip were also very special. I loved the openness of everyone and the fact that we were not all the same. Everyone came from various backgrounds, demographics, ages and it was refreshing to be surrounded by these women. Finally, the hotel, Ignacia, is magical and you may never want to leave. Thank you Lauren for changing my mind about group travel.
— Julie D.