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Welcome to Wild Terrains.

We're a boutique travel company for people searching for authentic travel experiences who don't want to spend precious hours sifting through flight options, hotel reviews and guide books to plan their adventures. 

On our site you'll find detailed travel guides & tips, custom itineraries, and tons of inspiration - all of which we hope will make it easy to plan your next adventure.

Wild Terrains is neither a budget nor a luxury travel site. Instead, we would say we're more middle-of-the-road. We are firm believers that travel doesn't have to be a burden on your bank account, but also that travel is one of the only things you buy that actually makes you richer. We appreciate design & aesthetics when we travel, and while we love a great deal we're okay splurging every now and then when we find a truly unbeatable experience.

We promise to give you the information and resources so you can plan amazing, authentic travel experiences. Our mission is to make it easier for you to see the world.

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Team Wild Terrains


lauren bates, founder

Lauren started Wild Terrains out of a passion for travel and a love of planning adventures. She has spent time in over 30 countries across 5 continents, lived in both Argentina and Peru, and spent 6 months backpacking solo through Southeast Asia. Lauren is a dynamic storyteller, brand builder and digital marketing expert. She is known for seeking the most authentic cultural and local experiences everywhere she goes, and documenting them through photography and written word along the way. When Lauren is not traveling, she is also the CMO at UrbanStems. She calls Washington, DC home.

Favorite Travel Experiences: artist gallery tour in Buenos Aires, elephant trekking in Laos, Khmer language classes in Cambodia, outdoor yoga in Ubud, Bali

Up Next: Chile, Belize, Mexico

Bucket List: New Zealand, Namibia, Bhutan 


We love partnering with brands, influencers, travel companies and hotels! Send us a note at info@wildterrains.com if you'd like to collaborate.